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AJW is one of the preferred vendors of the healthcare industry in the Greater San Diego Area. Our ability to respond quickly and manage the repair from start to finish allows us to set the standard by which other companies are measured. Some of the services we provide:

  1. Water/Fire Emergency Response
  2. Nuisance /Construction Dust Control
  3. Microbial Decontamination
  4. Odor Control
  5. Moisture Control
  6. Negative pressure containments
  7. Construction of temporary soft and hard partition walls
  8. HVAC Decontamination
  9. Air Handler Decontamination
  10. Mold Remediation
  11. Special Projects


As with the Healthcare industry, time is money in the hospitality industry. Revenue from daily room rentals cannot be made up. AJW is there to help complete quick turnarounds to get your product back to you to maximize your revenue potential. Whether it is damage from floods, fires or careless customers, AJW is available 24/7 to serve you.


AJW is there to service your commercial and office space.

  1. Fire/Water Emergencies
  2. Multi-floor containments and repairs
  3. Tenant improvements
  4. Detailed cleaning and decontamination
  5. HVAC Cleaning


Industrial parks and warehouse emergencies occur mostly from leaking pipes and spills. AJW is an expert on containing and cleaning up these issues as well as many types of emergencies.

Life Sciences

The Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries are under a lot of regulation and compliance. It is mandatory to have clean environments and sterile procedures in order for them to succeed in developing the newest breakthrough product. Services we provide:

  1. Fire/Water Emergencies
  2. Detailed cleaning and decontaminations
  3. HVAC Cleaning
  4. Risk Management assessments
  5. Emergency Eyewash and Shower inspection


From big box stores to smaller strip centers, AJW can handle issues that arise due to infrastructure age or environmental emergencies.


AJW has the experience to deal with multiple agencies of the government.


AJW is available to help serve our military in emergencies for base housing and offices.


AJW looks to expand their business in providing the local universities with service contracts to handle cleaning and emergency flood and fire damage.


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